• India's first direct farm to retail delivery of fresh produce.
  • Post what produce you have to sell in the future.
  • Know the Current Retail Price Trend.
  • Find a Buyer or they will find You.
  • With No Obligation what so ever.

All you need is a mobile phone that works on Android And a reasonably good internet connection.

  • Sell your produce at prices you deserve.
  • Do not let the middlemen and the Mandis take you for a ride.
  • It is Your farm, Your labour, Your produce, Your future.


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The Team

Lok100Loknath Rao

A Supply Chain and Logistics maverick. Lok understand the good and bad incentives at work in any business 'system'. The more than 1:10 ratio of prices between farm and consumer prices even in a radius of 200KM made him question who is really making all the money when the farmers are not. Lok wants to take this app to Uber of farm produce.

Sanjay SonawaniSanjay Sonawani
Co Founder

A multi-faceted personality, Sanjay is a widely acclaimed author and litterateur. He has written over 65 books in Marathi on variety of social issues. He was a playwright, writer, director and actor in several vernacular movies. He is deeply connected to the soil, her history, politics, origins and what really ails India's economic growth.

Co Founder

24+ years of experience in financial markets – equity research, investment banking and fund management. Worked in both public and private markets – global banks and local houses. Served as Director on boards of multiple companies. Strong network in the investing circles. Advised many movers and shakers of India Inc. in their early stages.


Agri-Commerce is a BIG Business and India is a BIG country, But the business of farm produce supply chain remains highly fragmented. Nothing much has changed on the ground in the way the farm produce supply chain economies work. This app is a step towards empowering the real sellers and buyers. By not only merely connecting them but also providing them market intelligence.

Swarna Bharat Kisaan is committed to making a discernible difference to the lives of farmers. Empower them in a sustainable way. With right investors and partners.

To know more write to investor@sbpkisaan.org


Swarna Bharat Kisaan is NOT responsible for any fraud or deception arising out of your transaction through this app. This app does not monitor the actual transaction and does not collect any information on monies paid or received between the involved parties. All communication happening outside of the app is strictly between you and the seller/buyer. By calling the Buyer/Seller via this app, you do not hold Swarna Bharat Kisaan or Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd. accountable in anyway. The app is merely a platform to facilitate direct buying and selling between farmers and retailers.

The Tricolor Bird Logo, The app name Swarna Bharat Kisaan, Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd. and any other visuals in this app is NOT directly related to Swarna Bharat Party or its affiliate agencies.

इस App के जरिये किये किसीभी व्यवहार मे यदि कोई धोखाधडी या बेईमानी का व्यवहार किया जाता है तो स्वर्ण भारत किसान उसके लिये जिम्मेदार नहीं है. स्वर्ण भारत किसान प्रत्यक्ष क्रय-विक्रय व्यवहारों का परिक्षण नहीं करता, कोई जानकारी, या व्यवहार करने वाली पार्टीयों के बीच होने वाले लेन देन की देखरेख भी नहीं करता. इस एप्लिकेशन के जरिये होनेवाले व्यवहारों की जिम्मेदारी इसका उपयोग करनेवाले निजी या संस्थात्मक खरीददार एवं विक्रेताऒ की है. इस एप्लिकेशन के जरिए आप खरीददार या विक्रेता से अपनी जिम्मेदारी पर संपर्क कर रहे हैं. स्वर्ण भारत किसान या Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd. प्रत्यक्ष व्यवहार की कोई जिम्मेदारी नहीं ले रहा है. इस माध्यम से कृषीमाल की खरेद-बिक्री आसानी से हो इतना ही इस एप्लिकेशन का मकसद है.

तिरंगे पंछी का चिन्ह, एप्प्लिकेशन का नाम "स्वर्ण भारत किसान" और Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd. या जो भी चिन्ह/दृष्य इस एप्लिकेशन में प्रयोग किये गये है उनका स्वर्ण भारत पार्टी से कोई प्रत्यक्ष संबंध नहीं है.

या अप्लिकेशनच्या माध्यमातून होणा-या कोणत्याही व्यवहारात फसवणुकीचा व्यवहार झाल्यास त्यासाठी स्वर्ण भारत किसान जबाबदार नाही. स्वर्ण भारत किसान कोणत्याही व्यवहारावर अथवा आर्थिक देवानघेवाणीवर लक्ष ठेवत नाही. या एप्लिकेशनच्या माध्यमांतुन केले जाणारे व्यवहार ही व्यवहार करणा-यांची व्यक्तिगत जबाबदारी आहे. या एप्लिकेशनच्या माध्यमातून आपण आपल्या जबाबदारीवर संपर्क करत असून स्वर्ण भारत किसान वा Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd. प्रत्यक्ष होणा-या व्यवहारांना जबाबदार नाही. या माध्यमातून शेतमालाची खरेदी व विक्री सुलभतेने व्हावी इतकाच या एप्लिकेशनचा हेतू आहे.

तिरंग्या पक्षाचे बोधचिन्ह, "स्वर्ण भारत किसान" व Global Management Technician Pvt. Ltd तसेच या एप्लिकेशनमध्ये वापरली गेलेली अन्य चिन्हे/चित्रे यांचा स्वर्ण भारत पक्षाशी कसलाही प्रत्यक्ष संबंध नाही.

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